• To preserve the “Green Lung” character and environment in Bukit Damansara
  • To promote goodwill and understanding between residents
  • To improve the amenities and security for wellbeing & safety of residents
  • To make representations to the authorities on the matters of interest affecting the quality of living in Bukit Damansara



To protect the rights and interest of members and their properties in Bukit Damansara

Meet our


Committee Members for Year 2019/2020

President: Dato’ Ahmad Sufian b. Abdul Majid

Deputy President: Datuk Haji Zakaria bin Hashim

Vice President: Ravindran Markandu

Honorary Secretary: Tunku Azela Tunku Aziz

Honorary Treasurer: Selvakumar Rasiah

Committee Members:

Yoon Shee Leng

Edwin Chia

Foo Chi Chean

Abdul Rais b. Abdul Majid

Ramesh Saravanamuthu

Zuhairah Ali



Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, aged 83, a distinguished civil servant and illustrious lawyer most well-known for his role as Managing Director and CEO of Malaysia Airlines (when he left, MAS had a cash reserve of RM5bn), is the current serving President of BDHOA.

Recalling the early days of Bukit Damansara, he said, “I remember after [the riots of] 13th May 1969, the Government declared a state of emergency and established the National Operations Council, where I served as Federal Counsel and Legal Officer.” The main issues to be tackled by the National Operations Council was racial disunity and economic disequilibrium among the races, which resulted in the formulation of the New Economic Policy.

During his tenure as Federal Counsel, Tan Sri Aziz recalls a discussion he had with the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, the Second Prime Minister of Malaysia on government housing. “Tun Razak negotiated with Selangor Properties Berhad to buy over land in Bukit Damansara for government servants and established a government linked company called Syarikat Perumahan Pegawai Kerajaan Sdn. Bhd. (SPPK) to develop the housing area,” says Tan Sri Aziz.

The original housing development by SPPK comprised of a mix of terrace houses, semidetached, bungalow houses and low-rise shops. Together with the one-time application, low interest loans provided by the government, this helped government servants start their lives in Bukit Damansara in the 1970s

Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman

President, Bukit Damansara Home Owner’s Association
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